Artswild is a state of mind as much as wall decorations.

It is the mixture of your imagination with the talent of our painters, applied on raw and authentic materials for custom-made works that give a soul to the places they inhabit.

By sublimating your ideas thanks to their talent, our artists will allow you to value your environment.

So, beyond our catalogue of existing Artswild works, a simple scene, a face or an object, coming straight out of your mind, your camera or elsewhere, can take a whole other dimension on an «original» medium and noble, in proportions perfectly adapted to highlight a precise place.

It is no longer the style of painting, the period, the name of the author, or the technique that enhances your interior… Simply a painting that mixes a theme with a subject and an environment that you care about and that refer you to personal emotions!

Our works are hand-painted by experienced and well-known local artists on corroded metal panels assembled on a wooden frame.

Our high quality oil paints do not deteriorate over time. They blend with the material to create an authentic «Art Wild» look.

Each piece is therefore “unique”.

The original idea and dimensions can be free on order, in one piece, diptych, triptych, etc… depending on the project.

Artswild is also an ecological and ethical concept. Our painters work on reclaimed materials and in artists’ workshops with optimal working conditions.

ARTSWILD offers a ready-to-install catalogue or:

1 – choose your topic:
Based on a photo, we can reproduce your desire: an object, a character, an animal, a place, a personal, contemporary, abstract drawing…

2 – choose your color base:
Depending on where you want to affix your painting, think of the colors that must be combined with the color of the wall and the atmosphere of the place!

3 – choose your medium:
Artswild offers you to create your paintings on sheets of rusty metal recovery, but also on canvas, or plexiglass!

4 – choose your format and table shape:
It is important to choose the format best suited to the room you want to sublimate. So we can make for you simple A4 format frames up to important formats, especially in diptych, triptych or quadriptyque up to several meters in height and/or width.

Finally you will have to choose a suitable light to highlight both the paint but also and especially the support.

To help you in all these choices, we also offer you a privileged professional support within the framework of a personalized study.

– Contact:

After a first contact by phone/email to understand your needs and desires, we make an appointment, if necessary, to show you examples of tables already made and make a first presentation of all our services.

– Study:
We study on site with you and/or your interior decorator the solutions adapted to your desires and your needs. So you can ask for support in the choice of/tables but also for the light and setting up. A quote is then provided.

– Proposal validation:
After acceptance and signature of a quote, we ask for a 30% deposit to start the execution of the/tables.

– Validation of work progress:
We send you clear and accurate photos of the progress of the table(s) on a regular basis.

– Final validation of table(s):
We ask for a “voucher for agreement” to trigger the delivery of the table(s).

– Worldwide delivery:
As our art workshop is based in Asia, it takes at least 3 months for the reception and final installation according to the number of paintings, the theme, the support, the place of delivery etc.

– Settlement:
The total and final settlement of the balance will be made upon delivery.

The rate depends on several factors including :

  • The format
  • The support (canvas, metal or plexiglass)
  • The place of delivery

For any request, please contact us beforehand by email




Handpainted art


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Handpainted art